Turkish Language and Literature

The Turkish Language and Literature (TDE) department aims to help our students reach the most proficient level in their mother tongue. We expect our students to know Turkish and world literature at the highest level and to be able to read and interpret the most outstanding works in both literature according to their level. In this context, each of our students reads at least five works of art every year, makes presentations with the help of programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi, writes their thesis about the works, associates the works they read with the visuals -models, photographs, short films, expresses their opinions about the work with sound recording or video recording.

In addition to book reviews, the Turkish Language and Literature department tries to enrich the world of our students with distinguished activities such as interviews with guests from the world of art and literature, themed trips, and social responsibility projects.

As a Turkish Language and Literature, we aim to provide our students with the characteristics of:

  • An upbringing with a heart and respect for Atatürk's principles and revolutions
  • Recognition of Turkish and world literature,
  • Gaining language competence,
  • Increasing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills,
  • Being able to approach art and artist from an intellectual point of view,
  • Gaining art and literature aesthetics,
  • Being able to express oneself well and correctly in society,
  • Gaining analysis and synthesis power,
  • To be able to establish a relationship between literature and other branches of art and science,
  • Being sensitive individuals to the problems of their environment and the world they live in,
  • Gain creative reading and writing skills,
  • Being a good follower of cultural and artistic activities,
  • Participating in local, national, and international competitions,
  • Observing the environment and connecting with literary works.

Yaşar Kemal Project https://www.ielev.k12.tr/tr/lise/egitim-ve-ogretim/akademik-bolumler/turk-dili-ve-edebiyati/zamanin-izinde-yasar-kemal/