Group 2- Language Acquisition - IBDP English B

IBDP English B (Higher Level or Standard Level)

Course description and objectives:

The IB DPDil B-English course offers students the opportunity to acquire English and understand other cultures through language studies. Language B - English is designed for students with a certain knowledge and experience in the target language.

Objective of English (HL and SL) Course:

  • To develop students' intercultural understanding
  • To enable them to understand and use English in various contexts
  • To promote diverse perspectives and appreciation of people from other cultures through the study of various texts and social interaction
  • To develop students' awareness of the role of language concerning other areas of knowledge.
  • To develop students' awareness of the relationship between familiar languages and cultures
  • To provide a basis for students to acquire higher levels of knowledge, work and use English comfortably in their daily lives using English.
  • To provide opportunities for them to enjoy the foreign language they learn, and develop their creativity and intellectual interaction.

Only HL:

  • To develop comprehension and analytical skills of two literary works originally written in English

Curriculum outline and content:

  1. Identities
  2. Experiences
  3. Human Creativity
  4. Social Organization
  5. I Share the Planet

Assessment information:

External Assessment SL:

  • Paper 1: Choose from three tasks with a variety of audiences, contexts, and purposes. Each task is based on a different theme from the curriculum. Students write a 250-400 word answer to one of the tasks (25%)
  • Paper 2: It is divided into two separate parts: listening (three listening texts and reading (three written texts)) (50%) covering different topics from five themes

Internal Assessment SL:

  • Individual Oral: Preparing a presentation on the selected photograph. Then a discussion with the teacher based on the presentation (25%)

External Assessment HL:

  • Paper 1: Evaluates the student's writing ability. Students write a 450-600 word answer from one of the three tasks. Each task is based on a different theme from the curriculum. (25%)
  • Paper 2: Evaluates the student's reading and listening skills. Students listen to three audio passages and read three written passages from the five themes of the syllabus (50%)

Internal Assessment HL:

  • Individual Oral: Students present their findings and thoughts on one of the literary works studied in the classroom. This is followed by a discussion that connects one or more of the five themes to the literary text. (25%)