About Our Mission:

As the German Department of IELEV Private High School, our mission is to ensure that our students integrate the importance and necessity of language acquisition in a global world with the philosophy of life in every field. In this context, learning German ceases to be a "goal" on its own. We aim to ensure that IELEV Private High School students achieve the future plans they dream and aim for, and contribute to the training of young people who can take an active role in social and economic life. To this end, educating well-equipped and up-to-date students brings with it a comprehensive and challenging German program.

About German Education:

The basis of German education at IELEV Private High School is based on DSD 1 (9th grade) and DSD 2 (at the beginning of 11th grade) exams and GIB programs (11th & 12th grades). Our system, which has been developed in this direction, starts our students from the A1-A2 level in the Preparatory Class and brings them to the C1 level, which is considered an advanced level. The four language competencies determined by international standards and kept at the focus at each stage of language acquisition constitute the basic requirements of our education program. In this context, "Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension, Text writing techniques, and presentation techniques" are carried out with separate studies at each level.

What We Expect From Our Students:

  • To use German effectively,
  • Being successful in DSD exams,
  • Benefiting from all the advantages of a foreign language,
  • To be able to use/ to use the language both in line with academic needs and in line with daily needs,
  • Being able to express themselves in any environment as self-confident individuals who are not afraid of making mistakes,
  • Being individuals who do not hesitate to question,
  • They enjoy reading, researching, and being able to do this in German,
  • It is among our main goals that they have adopted learning in the sanctity of knowledge as a principle. In addition to these expectations, it is among the issues we care about raising individuals who feel /make feel that they are valuable members of the IELEV Private High School family in all kinds of environments with their attitudes and discourses.

About using Technology and Fountain Pen in Education:

For 21st-century qualifications to take part in both academic and active life, the German department supports the correct and appropriate use of technology. In this direction, devices such as laptops, iPads, sound recordings, photographs, videos, etc. are included in the German program, and students are encouraged to study foreign languages with greater enthusiasm.

New applications are followed and intensive studies are carried out to enrich the course even more. While projects and assignments support technology, they also care about classical uses (notebook, fountain pen). No pens are allowed, except for the use of fountain pens, during the course and in homework. In this way, it was observed over time that there were positive developments in the writing of many students.

The fact that we exhibit a multi-layered approach within the methodology we use allows us to train students who are suitable for the era we are in. For the students to realize their own mistakes, it is also within the scope of the studies that the students first find their mistakes with little intervention in a controlled manner in projects or assignments. This attitude enables students to be more inquisitive and investigative.

The "academic awareness" and "academic honesty" we are trying to create are one of the most important issues that we especially emphasize in all classes. This format, which we call IELEV Private High School standard or academic format, is expected to be very useful in GIB and university education in the future.

Some of the approaches in language teaching:

  • Making video studies aimed at reinforcing language proficiency in line with the course content and sharing these videos with their classmates, evaluating them and criticizing them in line with the determined criteria,
  • Excursions are organized within the scope of culture and project days, and after these cultural trips, students make oral and written productions in German, evaluate these trips, and prepare their homework,
  • German songwriting and/or adapting an existing song in German according to the student's own way, with the applications chosen to enable students to experience German in their lives, having fun and enjoyment,
  • Providing continuous communication and project development in connection with current topics, homework contents, and video projects, thanks to internet-based software,
  • Preparing presentations, developing presentation techniques under each topic,
  • Preparing assignments in accordance with the academic format and improving themselves in this field,
  • Students, who are divided into groups, work together with their group friends to explain the subject summaries to other groups in visual, auditory, and literary formats, thus reinforcing the course content in a theatrical, musical, and academic sense with the awareness of working together,
  • Developing projects related to special days, reinforcing students' awareness of these days in German,
  • To improve their writing skills, students should be given the introduction of a story with the "Complete the Story" method included in the course content within the scope of creative writing activities and the completion of the given story in German in accordance with the specified criteria,
  • Evaluation of the completed homework by the class with the criteria determined by projecting them on the screen in the classroom, and ensuring the development of both writing skills and critical approaches in this direction,
  • The main methods based on principles such as teaching the leading names of German literature within the scope of the course can be listed among the main considerations.