"Chemistry is not everything, but everything is chemistry!''

Chemistry is the branch of science that examines the nature and properties of matter, its structure, changes in its composition, its transformation into various forms, and the effects of separate substances on each other, and binds the results obtained with laws. The chemistry course in this direction aims to provide the skills to explain the characteristics of this branch of science by using terms and concepts.

We aim to develop critical and systematic thinking skills through knowledge with an emphasis on scientific methods and experimental teaching. For this purpose, our chemistry laboratory has been established to conduct student-centered experiments. Experiments in accordance with the curriculum are applied with active group work in our lessons. At the end of the experiments, experimental reports are prepared with scientific methods.

We provide our students with knowledge and understanding about the basic concepts of matter and interactions between substances and develop an awareness of the axis of the historical development of these concepts, their effects on the individual, social, economic, and technological world, and their relations with the environment. It is also among our aims to provide the ability to access concepts and models from data and information specific to a certain subject, to use chemistry terms to explain these concepts and models, and to provide the ability to transition from skills such as observation, experiment, and data collection to problem-solving, to gain the habit of examining and understanding matter and the relations between substances, respecting oneself, the environment, the society and the opinions of others, and comparing different views with a critical eye in various fields of chemistry.

It is in line with our aims to support the development of creative and critical thinking skills while developing our students' academic knowledge and analytical thinking skills with scientific methods and experiments appropriate to the subject.

The main objectives of the chemistry department are:

  • To arouse interest in the chemistry course,
  • Learning and using chemistry concepts and terms in German,
  • Be able to create and implement experiments based entirely on observations using electronic sensors or direct measurement
  • To ensure that the objectives and achievements of the units are learned effectively,
  • To explain the place and importance of chemistry in daily life,
  • Emphasizing the relationship of chemistry with other disciplines with examples,
  • Developing problem-solving and decision-making skills,
  • To create lifelong learners,
  • To raise students who have a sense of curiosity, research, and question about their environment and the world,
  • To learn how scientific research is done using scientific methods,
  • To diversify and enrich our teaching methods by using technological opportunities (Apple TV, Google Apps…).

All these aims aim to raise individuals who are suitable for the student profile that our school takes as a reference in the GIB process.

Chemistry Competitions

All of our 10th-grade students participate in the Dechemax Student Competition held in Germany. In the competition that takes place every year, students in grades 7-11 can compete in teams and work toward a new topic related to chemical engineering and biotechnology every year.