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Our IELEV Private High School students who complete the GIB Diploma Program increase their chances of entering the world's most prestigious universities. The GIB Diploma Program aims to raise critical-thinking young people who are inquisitive, knowledgeable, self-confident, having different perspective, are curious, and have advanced analysis and synthesis skills, helping to create a good, peaceful world with intercultural understanding and respect.

For this reason, the IB program is an education system that prepares you for life due to its philosophy. IB Curriculum outcomes enable students to develop different perspectives and to think creatively and uniquely. The program, which has versatile academic and social content, is accepted by many universities in the world due to this educational philosophy. IELEV Private High School students graduate with two diplomas, both a Ministry of National Education diploma and an International Baccalaureate (GIB Diploma), and continue and complete the IB Diploma program at international standards, which enables students to grow up as global citizens.


Almost all foundation universities in Turkey provide scholarships based on the IB Diploma score. Some of the universities that provide scholarships in Turkey are:

Click here for the table of universities in Turkey that accept IB Diploma


The GIB Diploma Program is a preparatory academic program for many universities with high scientific prestige in Turkey and the world, and it is a secondary education diploma accepted all over the world. With GIB Diplomas, students increase their chances of being accepted at the universities they apply to. GIB students, especially from universities in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia, are always in a luckier position than their competitors in their admissions.

Studies show that students who receive a GIB diploma have much higher success and quality of life during and after university than other students. With the education they receive, they contribute more to their environment in every sense and become more socially accepted individuals. Since the communication, research, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of students who have received a GIB diploma differ significantly from other candidates, universities around the world give more place to IB students in their admissions.

GIB students also achieve high success in the relevant language exams as they use English and German intensively both in and outside the classroom in learning environments.

However, some universities in Europe and North America consider and accept the knowledge and skills of the students according to the student grade in the 'HL (High level) Language B - Language Acquisition course taken within the scope of the IB Diploma Program. For the courses offered at IELEV Private High School: https://www.ielev.k12.tr/en/high-school/gib/ib-dp-gib-at-ielev-private-high-school/

However, many universities accept HL courses with a grade of 6 and above as university credits. Therefore, with a correctly chosen university, students have the opportunity to finish the university in a shorter time.

Which universities accept the GIB criteria, provide scholarships, and transfer to which IB courses as university credits are monitored by our Overseas Counseling Unit and can also be viewed on the websites of the universities to which the application will be made.

Countries Recognizing the GIB Diploma: https://www.ibo.org/university-admission/recognition-of-the-ib-diploma-by-countries-and-universities/country-recognition-statements/

List of Universities Accepting GIB Diploma:

You can find the updated list and details by IB on this page: