Group 5- Mathematics: Approaches and Analysis

IBDP Mathematics (English – HL/SL)

Course Description and Objectives:

The language of the course is English.

In line with the goals of IB-DP, mathematics teaching at our school aims to develop our students' mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills and apply these skills to their daily lives, taking into account the needs of education in the 21st century. Approaches to teaching and learning throughout the Diploma Program refer to the deliberate strategies, skills, and attitudes that permeate the teaching and learning environment. These approaches and tools are closely linked to the IB learner profile features, enhancing student learning and helping to prepare the student for the Diploma Program assessment and beyond.

Accordingly, the mathematics course at IELEV contributes to the development of the IB learner profile, ATL skills, and international mindedness.

  1. The purpose of all mathematics courses in IELEV, as stated in the IB-DP Mathematics Guide;
  2. Enjoying the mathematics lesson, developing a new perspective by grasping the elegance power of mathematics
  3. To develop an understanding of the nature of the mathematics lesson with the help of its basic principles
  4. Combining different topics of mathematics
  5. To develop logical, deep, and questioning thinking, to develop problem-solving skills with patience and perseverance
  6. To be able to understand the abstraction and generalization of mathematics
  7. To be able to apply a problem in mathematics to future developments in different ways.
  8. To appreciate that the development of mathematics and technology influence each other
  9. To grasp the moral, social, and ethical consequences of the work of mathematicians and their mathematical applications.
  10. To bring an international dimension in line with the awareness of the universality of mathematics and its multicultural and historical perspectives
  11. To appreciate the contribution of mathematics to other disciplines, especially to the Theory of Knowledge.

Curriculum outline and content:


The year I: Number and Algebra (19s), Functions (21s), Geometry, and Trigonometry (25s) will be covered. Students also begin their internal assessment work in the first year (20s).

Year II: Statistics and Probability (27s) and Mathematics (28s) subjects will be covered during the second year at IELEV High School. Internal assessment work will be completed at the beginning of the second year (10 hours).


Year I: Numbers and Algebra (39s), Function (32s), Geometry and Trigonometry (51s). Students also begin their internal assessment work in the first year (20 hours).

Year II: Probability and Statistics (33s), and Analysis topics (55s) are covered. Internal assessment work will be completed at the beginning of the second year (10 hours).

Assessment Information:

External Assessment SL:

Paper 1: Time: 90 min. / Weight: 40% / Score: 80

Paper 2: Time: 90 min. / Weight: 40% / Score: 80

External Assessment HL:

Paper 1: Time: 120min. /Weight: 30% / Score: 110

Paper 2: Time: 120min. /Weight: 30% / Score: 110

Paper 3: Time: 60 min. / Weight: 20% / Score: 55

Internal Assessment HL ve SL:

Mathematical research-article:
Time: 30 hours / Weight: 20%
This is a written work that includes in-depth study and research.
The study of the field of mathematics.
Each student prepares the research individually.