The last chain of IELEV Education Institutes, IELEV Private High School has been giving education since 2014-2015 academic year.

We want our students to continue their lives as individuals who do research, question, criticise. We also lead our students to recognize the importance of art, music and sports as essentials of life. Furthermore, we consider these goals as the basis of our education intellect. With this understanding, our students pursue their education activities in accordance with GIB (Gemischtsprachiges International Baccaulearate)

At IELEV Private High School, where German and English education are conducted concurrently, we use technology as a means of educational tool.

IELEV Private High School has an administrative structure that consists of two (one Turkish and one German) principles. Our German Principal who is going to direct IELEV Private High School with our Turkish Principal Director Gülseren Aslan, is going to join us in 2016-2017. Being supported by official German authorities, our high school is a member of World German Schools Union (WDA). Hiring of the German administrators and teachers is carried out through World German Schools Union (WDA).