Our GIB Accreditation

IELEV Private High School is in the Official List of GIB Schools of the Federal Republic of Germany Education Ministers Conference (KMK).

At the beginning of November 2019, the official list of German Schools Abroad that implements the GIB (Mixed Language International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program was published by KMK. While these schools receive financial support from ZfA, Germany's official institution responsible for Schools Abroad, they have to regularly prove to both ZfA and the International Baccalaureate Organization that their quality is within the set standards.

Graduates of these German schools abroad with GIB diplomas also have the right to study at German universities. In other words, the "GIB Program Diploma" given at IELEV has the same function as the "Abitur", which is the matriculation exam of German schools.

One of the 34 listed schools worldwide, IELEV Private High School is the only school in Istanbul that offers the GIB Diploma Program in Turkish, German, and English. Our school, which graduated its first students in 2019, is the largest GIB school in the world outside of Latin America. 23 of our 25 graduates achieved an IB Diploma, and 17 of them achieved a GIB Diploma, which requires a higher grade point average.

This official list of GIB schools is sent to all German universities and is also published on the websites of KMK, the Central Student Advisory Service, and uni-assist.

List of German Schools Abroad with Mixed Language International Baccalaureate (GIB) Diploma Programme: (As of 26.09.2019)