IELEV Private High School English Department offers a curriculum rich in content, taking into account the students' critical thinking and communication skills in the upcoming years. It is our mission to provide a comfortable and suitable environment for our students to develop their verbal and written communication skills in a way that will adapt to different situations.

English at IELEV Private High School

Our Goals

  • Concentrating on four language skills, enabling students to express themselves fluently and accurately,
  • Creating an environment where students can feel comfortable and safe,
  • Ensuring that they have knowledge about other cultures and learn to respect differences,
  • Ensuring that they become individuals who are inquisitive and critical,
  • Integrating technology into lessons to enrich the learning environment,
  • Supporting the personal and cultural development of students by using written and visual resources,
  • Ensuring that our students acquire the habit of reading in a way that they can sustain for life,
  • Encouraging our students to take international exams such as PET, FCE, and IELTS and guiding them throughout the process.

Basic Principles

Our school's English language curriculum is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Principles we adopt when teaching languages to our students:

  1. Getting to know the students,
  2. To provide the necessary environment in which students can practice what they have learned while learning the language,
  3. To follow the progress of the students and prepare the lessons according to their interests and needs,
  4. Adapting the course presentation according to the needs,
  5. To closely observe and evaluate students' language development,
  6. To ensure the participation and cooperation of the students in a way that will enable them to practice and present what they have learned in various school activities,
  7. To give written and verbal feedback for the development of the students.

Our Goals for Every Level

Prep Class: There are 18 hours of English lessons per week in our preparatory classes. A holistic approach focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills has been adopted. Grammar, verbal expression enriched with vocabulary, text analysis, and different types of writing are important. Our aim is for our students to reach the B1+ level by the end of the year. Our expectation from our students is that they have reached proficiency to understand the Mathematics and Physics lessons taught in English in the 9th grade.

9th Grade: English lesson in 9th grade is 6 hours per week. With a brain-based learning approach, our students increase their language levels, meet literature and improve their critical thinking skills throughout the year through literary text reviews. They contribute to their writing skills by analyzing and interpreting different types of texts. Research and organizational skills become even more important at this grade level. It is aimed that students will be able to pass the FCE exam by the end of the year.

10th Grade: The 10th grade English lesson is 5 hours. Our students improve their language skills by analyzing various types of texts, short stories, and novels they read, learning different styles of writing, and practicing them for different purposes. At this level, our students learn to write an academic research paper that includes stages such as research, analysis, and interpretation. Students are encouraged to participate in national and international language activities and are expected to successfully pass the FCE exam by the end of the year.

We support our students to participate in ESU Debate Academy, MUN, National and International Debate competitions, and EYP conferences and workshops, which are held every year, as they will contribute to their language development and socialization.

Grades 11 and 12: The IB English B Standard Level class has 4 hours of English per week, and the higher level class has 6 hours of English per week. Our aim is for our students to achieve a high level of language skills by using written, verbal, visual, and auditory materials and successfully completing the diploma program.