Internet Resources

General Reference Resources

  • www virtual library: It is a web resource that provides internet links on a wide variety of subjects such as science and mathematics, social sciences, agriculture, etc.
  • Infoplease: One of the world's largest reference sites. It provides access to many encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, and almanacs. In addition, the Homework Center helps students with their homework in the fields of English, mathematics, science, history, and geography.
  • İtools: It is one of the most comprehensive internet tools that provides access to many internet search engines, web directories, newsgroups, people, events, and pictures.
  • İnternet public library: It is a comprehensive guide that provides access to e-books, online newspapers, etc., as well as reference resources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. on subjects such as science and technology, art, education, social sciences, computers, etc.
  • Web-searchable electronic consultation resources for students and researchers.

Search Engines

  • 20search: It is a site that lists 20 important search engines and allows them to scan. (Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Msn, Excite...)
  • Lycos

Meta Scan Engines

They are search engines that search the searched word in more than one search engine and show it on the results page.


  • Artcyclopedia: It is an index that provides online access to museums and visual archives, and provides access to 8500 artists and 2300 art sites.
  • Wikipedia: It is an encyclopedia project that aims to produce a whole encyclopedia freely and with everything, with the joint effort of everyone from every language.
  • Contains information from forty-nine different encyclopedias, seventy-three different dictionaries, and a "thesaurus".




  • Comprehensive site with biographies of artists, writers, statesmen and interviews with celebrities, and videos.
  • Bibliographical Dictionary: Comprehensive reference source with biographies of 33,000 famous people from past to present.
  • Brief Biographies: Accessible to short biographies of famous writers.


  • Atlapedia Online: It is a comprehensive atlas that illuminates the geographical situations, climates, languages, etc. of the countries, as well as the physical and political maps of the countries from A to Z.



For Teachers


  • The Electronic library of mathematics: It is a web page that provides free access to online journals, monographs, and various mathematics topics on mathematics.
  • The math forum: There are lectures and problems for students and teachers about learning mathematics.
  • S.O.S. Math: Mathematics lectures, and problem solutions are available.


  • Chemtutor: Basic chemistry information is available for high school students.
  • Planet Science: It is a comprehensive site that teaches students science subjects with fun. It is also a site that can be useful for science teachers in teaching science.
  • Astronomy for kids: It is a site that teaches children astronomy by loving it.
  • Spacesounds: It is a site where sounds from space can be heard.
  • Glenbrook South physics: It is a site for high school students with all branches of physics, problem-solving, and colorful animations.
  • School science: It is a helpful guide for teachers in biology, physics, and chemistry.
  • SciCentral: Contains information and news resources on science and technology.


  • Online newspapers: This is the web page that offers access to 10000 newspapers around the world.
  • It is a site that provides access to all national newspapers in Turkey and some foreign newspapers.

Government Agencies