Group 2- Language Acquisition - IBDP German B

IBDP German B (HL)

Course description and objectives

Through High-Level German (HL) study, students get to know the German language and develop an understanding of German Culture as well as other cultures. HL students acquire sufficient language knowledge to enable them to follow university courses in German-speaking countries.

Objectives of the Higher Level German course:

  • Developing students' intercultural understanding
  • To enable them to understand and use German in various contexts
  • Promote diverse perspectives and appreciation of people from other cultures through the study of various texts and social interaction
  • To develop students' awareness of the role of language concerning other areas of knowledge.
  • Developing students' awareness of the relationship between familiar languages and cultures
  • To provide a basis for students to acquire higher levels of knowledge, work, and use German comfortably in their daily lives using German.
  • To provide opportunities for them to enjoy the foreign language they learn, develop their creativity and intellectual interaction.

Curriculum outline and content:

The five themes mentioned:

  1. Identities
  2. Experiences
  3. Human Creativity
  4. Social Organization
  5. I Share the Planet


  • Reading and analyzing two works of German Literature

Assessment information:

Students will be assessed externally and internally on their acquisition and productivity skills.

Expectations from the student:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in a range of situations and interpersonal and cultural contexts demonstrating linguistic proficiency and intercultural understanding
  • Accurately and fluently express, understand, analyze a range of ideas, written and spoken texts, and use language in these contexts
  • Clear, coherent, and convincing organization of ideas on a range of topics
  • Understanding and using the works of German literature

External assessment (3 hours 30 minutes) (Weight: 75%):

PAPER 1: Productivity skills - writing (30 points; 1 hour 30 minutes; Weight: 25%)

  • Three text writing tasks of 450-600 words, each from a different theme, by choosing a text type from the types listed in the exam practice guidelines.

PAPER 2: Acquisition skills - separate sections for listening and reading (65 points; 2 Hours, Weight: 50%)

  • Listening comprehension (1 hour) (25 points)
  • Reading comprehension (1 hour) (40 points)

Comprehension exercises on three audio and three written texts were prepared from five themes.

Internal assessment work:

This work is first evaluated by the subject teachers at the school and then moderated by the IB assessment experts appointed by the IB.

Individual oral assessment:

A conversation with the teacher based on a quote from one of the literary works discussed in class, followed by a discussion based on one or more of the syllabus themes. (30 points; Weight: 25%)