Our Difference

IELEV, which was added to the education by Istanbul Boys' High Schools Education Foundation (IELEV), constitutes the basis of our education understanding and vision in Yellow Black. Being yellow-black means a youth who is aware of its own value, who has a modern and national culture and grows with universal values.

In the light of Atatürk, we continue our efforts to reach our targets with IELEV Private High School on the way we have come to educate individuals who are beneficial to their country and the world. IELEV Schools are happy to bring young people who have a history of their own, protect the values of the country, candidate for creating the future, respect the differences, happy, free and hardworking young people.

German Education starting at the age of four at IELEV

Our kindergarten students at IELEV takes full time German education and meet the German language at the age of four. Our German education program is enriched in a way that ensures our 8th grade students to get to B1 level, IELEV Private High-School students to get C1 level according to the measurements of Deutsches Sprachdiplom (German Proficiency Certificate).

The Opportunity to Get Deutsches Sprachdiplom at IELEV

DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom); students from all over the world who study German in the 14-19 age range participate in each year and prove their proficiency in German language; It is an examination system which can be applied to the universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland or to the Studienkollegs (University Preparatory Schools).

ZfA (Zentralstelle für Auslandschulwesen), the German government's coordinating school for German-language schools in foreign countries, supports and supports 3 main programs - Dirtur, GIB and DSD - outside Germany. The German Ministry of Culture accepts DSD exams as the only school exam in which the German language is tested as a foreign language.

In 2015, as IELEV Schools, we were granted permission to submit DSD exams.

Our students attend the two-step DSD exams in the 9th and 11th grades.Students who can take the B1 level as a result of the ’DSD I’ exam in the 9th grade will be able to apply to the Studienkolleg (University Preparatory Schools) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the Deutsches Sprachdiplom I (German Language Proficiency Certificate I).

Students who can take C1 level in the DSD II exam in the 11th grade will be able to apply to Deutsches Sprachdiplom II (German Language Proficiency Certificate II) and apply to universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Gemischtsprachiges International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at IELEV

The Gemischtsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureat Diploma Program is an international program that includes all the modules of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and is also valid in more than 100 countries.

Students who will have a diploma; In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, they will have the privilege to continue their higher education for free or for a small fee.

Students who will graduate from IELEV Private High School;

Gemischtsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureat Diploma
Ministry of National Education
English Proficiency Certificate (ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL)
We aim to have a German Proficiency Diploma (DSD I and II).
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IELEV Private High School GIB (Gemischtsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureat) Accredited
IELEV Private High School was officially accredited to the International Baccalaureate Program on March 20, 2017.

IELEV Private High School, Turkey's first GIB Although an IB school with this accreditation (Gemischtsprachiges Baccalaureate Internationales) carries the distinction of being the school. Preparatory class is compulsory in IELEV Private High School which provides education according to GIB Diploma Program. There are two different preparatory classes, German and English.

We would like to thank IELEV Private High School's academic and administrative staff, students and parents for their efforts and support during the accreditation process and wish them continued success.

Tablet Education with IELEVTech Project at IELEV

21st century skills aiming to educate advanced students in the 2014-2015 academic year with the IELEVTech (One-to-One Tablet Teaching Project) is at the center of our educational technology teaching service. For this purpose, iPad is given to all teachers and to all students from the 5th grade. The classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs and the iMac Laboratories are opened to all age groups. The courses are carried out digitally through iTunes U in academic system integrity.

Primary school 1-4 Classroom levels include Scratch, 5 and 6 grade grades in Python and 7th grade, iPad and Swift Playground. At the high school level, the IELEV Digital Authors club and iBooks and iOS design studies were presented as club lessons. Coding studies are carried out with the support of classical code writing, as well as graphical coding and gamification support.

In 2015, IELEV was chosen as a sample school in the world with IELEVTech Project by Moris Cook that is the creator of Explain Everything.

An Education Along with Sports and Art at IELEV

IELEV is a researcher school based on the education. Art, music and sports are the indispensables of young people to look at the eyes of education. In our schools, we create and guide our students to explore their talents. We give them the chance to display their talents by organizing their own activities.

IELEV Private High School, is the first and only school offering education in both languages with both German and English preparatory classes in Turkey. In English and German preparatory classes, it is applied according to their distribution in 20 + 8 hours and in the following grades in 6 + 6 hours distribution.

This is because every student has to take some courses in German and some German in order to receive the Gemischtsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureate Diploma. From the 9th grade, branch courses are conducted in Turkish, German and English within the framework of the MEB and GIB Diploma Program.

IELEV is the only high school in the world that has built its curriculum on three languages (Turkish, German, English).

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