At IELEV Private High School, our students learn the basics of physics in the Prep, 9th and 10th grades, while those who plan to study medicine, engineering, and science at the university in 11th and 12th grades receive advanced physics courses. All learning processes are carried out in English.

The common goal of all physics lessons is to present science as interesting and entertaining as possible so that students can grasp scientific working methods, learn while doing, and develop critical and structured thinking skills.

In this process, students need to apply their theoretical knowledge. A complete laboratory has been established to conduct student-centered experiments in accordance with the target. A student conducts and reports an average of 20 different experiments per year. Learning processes are followed by teachers and shared with students.

We aim to raise individuals who use information successfully, understand the facts and events they encounter in their daily lives, and comprehend our world under the increasing influence of science and technology.

All these purposes aim to raise individuals who are suitable for the student profile that our school takes as a reference in the GIB process.