Psychological Counseling and Guidance

As IELEV High School Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service, we adopt a developmental and preventive approach. Based on the fact that each individual is unique, we aim for students to use their potential in the best way to improve themselves. Individual and/or group studies are carried out in educational, professional, and personal areas for our students to be individuals who have developed awareness of themselves and the outside world, are aware of their strengths and aspects that need to be developed, have problem-solving skills, have high self-control, have goals and can take action to achieve them.

During the GIB and university preparation process, supportive and motivating individual studies are carried out in the course and career choices in line with their interests and goals. These studies are carried out in cooperation with the family, school, and abroad education consultant, taking into account the student's performance in the IB process.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service takes an active role in communication and information transfer between family, school, and student. It assumes a supportive role for the student and family to set realistic goals for their child and for the student to realize them during the GIB process.

Many activities such as individual interviews, group activities, and seminars are carried out for parents. In addition to these, various studies are planned to support the development of students and meet their needs in cooperation with the Parent-Teacher Association.

Sample studies carried out during the year are given below with explanations.

Getting to Know Students

“Getting to Know Students” studies are studies to determine students' personality traits, psycho-social developments, abilities, interests, and professional tendencies.

Various orientation studies are carried out under the leadership of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service at the beginning of the year for newly enrolled students to adapt to the school process and their peers.

During the year, various studies are carried out to help students get to know themselves and gain awareness about their inner world and goals by using various observations and techniques.

Classroom Guidance Studies

During the year, various classroom guidance activities are carried out in accordance with the age level of each grade level. Studies such as time management, motivation, peer relations, career choice, boundary setting, career planning, etc. are planned to support the social and emotional development of students.

Individual Guidance Studies

Issues such as recognizing students' feelings, adapting to the group and society they belong to, producing appropriate solutions in various situations, and making healthy decisions in harmony with their inner world are discussed in detail in individual interviews held throughout the year.

Academic success

Studies are carried out to increase the academic performance of students by supporting them in subjects such as setting personal goals, being organized, using time effectively and efficiently, and improving motivation, attention, and concentration.

Some of these studies are:

  • First Step Individual Identification Inventory
  • Cognitive Tests
  • Motivational Meetings
  • Evaluation of Exam Results
  • Time Management
  • Efficient Study Seminars

Studies are also carried out for students to get to know themselves in their career journeys, to realize what they want, to determine their strengths, to know their professions, and to establish their professional goals:

  • Interviews with professional experts
  • Career Journey Vocational Promotion Days
  • Panel on “Being a Student Abroad”
  • University trips
  • Department promotions
  • University Preparation
  • Top-class experience sharing meetings

The studies carried out to help students to be able to study in higher education institutions after high school graduation and reach their professional goals are as follows:

  • Introduction of university entrance systems
  • Student success graph evaluation
  • Conducting motivational meetings
  • Motivational breakfast organization for 12th graders
  • Studies to deal with test anxiety
  • Creating university and department preferences

Pedagogical School

Throughout the year, various topics for all parents are held weekly by different experts in a seminar format.

Career and Life Skills Office (KAYAB)

To support students in their career journeys, joint studies are carried out with the Career and Life Skills Office. In addition to vocational selection studies, seminars with different content are organized in line with the needs of students, parents, and teachers.