Student Union


We, the IELEV Private High School Student Union, are a team that came together to represent all the students in our school. We aim to help individuals gain and develop the awareness, sense of responsibility, and respect for the system of values, which are necessary for the realization and continuation of a democratic social order.

Evaluating the requests and complaints of the students of our school and communicating the requests to the school administration, being a bridge between the students and the school administration, correcting the situations they complain about, planning various activities and social activities, representing our school in the most appropriate way to our vision and mission, shaping our work in this direction, and promoting our school in the best way is among our duties. We aim to make the hours we spend at our school more productive by providing a better environment for everyone, organizing ceremonies and events, and providing service and support for the social development and activities of the school.


The student union consists of board members and class representatives. Student Union Executive Board president and vice president are elected among 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students with the votes of all high school students. Class representatives, on the other hand, are elected by a majority of votes each academic year, as two class representatives, one girl and one boy, from each branch and actively take part in the High School Student Union Board for one year.


The Student Union is one of the most important bodies of the school. It consists of 4 committees with members from each term. It meets regularly and carries out the necessary work for the operation of the union.


Waffle days are held every month at IELEV Private High School, fun and playful parties on special days, dubbing competitions, and many travel ideas are organized and come up by the student union. Waffle Days, New Year's Eve Party, Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory trip, Sports tournaments, and similar events.