The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics. (Galileo)

Mathematics is one of the basic courses that aim to develop mental skills by using shapes, numbers, and symbols and adds value to criticizing, questioning, and discovering. The ultimate goal of the course is to provide mathematical and analytical thinking skills.

Our main reason for existence is to educate and guide students who adopt Atatürk's principles and revolutions, develop a positive and unprejudiced attitude towards mathematics, transfer their acquired achievements to daily life, are researchers, and can pose and solve problems in any learning field.

The primary aim of our Mathematics Department is to train our students, who will create a bright future for our developing country, as individuals who have problem-solving skills, internalize mathematics, can use mathematical language in written and oral communication, are not rote learning, and have learned to learn.

In line with this purpose, we guide our students to develop their skills in computing, mathematical understanding, problem posing, problem-solving, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and using technology.

Our school aims to provide the mathematical development of each student at the highest level with the mathematics teaching developed and carried out by using the new methods required by our age in appropriate conditions.

In line with this basic goal, our priorities are;

  • To develop a positive attitude towards mathematics, to make mathematics popular.
  • To ensure that students learn by doing and experiencing while our course contents are being planned.
  • To follow all kinds of education, technology, and methods, and to use them in accordance with the objectives, if deemed useful.
  • To follow a path from "simple to complex" - "concrete to abstract" in mathematics teaching and to plan our studies in this direction.
  • To develop students' mathematical and analytical thinking skills with activities carried out in all our classes with the support of Apple TV, Google applications, materials, and software.
  • Being in the position of a guide and a mentor, not a constant transfer of information, as teachers, to encourage students to think through methods and in-class richness, and to develop various methods for possible and multiple solutions while the topics are covered in mathematics lessons.
  • To increase success with the power of cooperation by working with teachers in their own branches or with teachers in other branches.
  • To transform in-class personal differences into educational richness with group activities.
  • Develop and implement a wide variety of assessment and evaluation strategies, including tests in which students have to explain their thoughts.

Mathematics education in our school is modeled after the IB – GIB program, and it is designed as a program that provides care and selectivity in the mental field to improve students' ability to adapt to rapidly changing realities, their habit, and their capacity to continue life-long learning, and their problem solving and practice skills.