Our Values

Students, teachers, and employees of IELEV Schools make a difference by having the following values, in line with the vision of "raising pioneers with universal values, whose focus is on the education model of Istanbul Erkek Lisesi from which our founders graduated”;

  • Academic Excellence: Emphasis is placed on the discovery of talents, the development of social and academic skills, the quality of teachers and education programs, and independent and analytical thinking.
  • Respect: Respect for people and in this context, respect for differences such as language, religion, and culture are essential. The value of human labor is respected. Individuals who are respectful to the environment we live in and sensitive to nature and its problems are raised.
  • Contemporaryness: World citizen individuals who keep science at the center, adhere to democracy and secularism, which are the founding values of the Republic of Turkey, think and contribute to others, have social awareness, and are equipped with a foreign language and culture, are raised.
  • Yellow and Black Consciousness (Emotion/Spirit) of our founders: Values of loyalty and solidarity, which include loyalty and cooperation to friends, and the institution, are given importance. Individuals with a fighting spirit, a developed sense of responsibility, the internalized concept of justice, and the courage to question and confront are raised. Teamwork is taught to young individuals during educational activities.