Admission Policy


İELEV Özel Lisesi (High School) was founded in 2014 by İstanbul Erkek Liseliler Eğitim Vakfı. Students are accepted to İelev Özel Lisesi according to the results of the nation-wide test LYS administered by the Turkish National Ministry of Education (A Standardized Level Achievement Test). The acceptance scores in order to register students are set each year by the school administration according to the number of the students selecting the school among their preferences nation-wide. Besides, students whose academic, personal, social and emotional needs can be met by the school are registered to İELEV Özel Lisesi.

In the academic year 2019-2020, the acceptance score was 415 out of 500 points. Students whose scores were 415 or above could apply for IELEV Özel Lisesi. Whereas in the academic year 2020-2021, students with at least 440 out of 500 points were registered to IELEV Özel Lisesi.

While IELEV High School requires students who apply to high school from other schools to document their result from LYS, students who apply to high school from IELEV middle school need to show their DSD score, a standardised German Proficiency test.

For students who apply from IELEV middle school, the registration conditions are reviewed each year by the school administration. The last review took place in October 2022 and was declared to all parties on October 12th, 2022.

Scholarship is granted to

  • students with outstanding academic achievement (the first six students with the highest scores),
  • students whose parents are injured or died serving in the army,
  • students whose parents are working in IELEV,
  • students whose parents are working as faculty members in university.

Since all the students are offered IB-DP after grade 10, all the parents and the students are informed about the school’s programme at the registration.

Each İELEV Özel Lisesi student who fulfils the requirements for passing 10th grade with the rules and regulations of the Turkish Ministry of Education becomes an IB-DP student in the 11th grade.

Students who don’t want to continue the IB programme have to register to another school in 11th grade.

Transfer Students:

İELEV Özel Lisesi admissions are accepted and welcomed at the end of each academic year if places are available. Accordingly, students who want to be transferred to İELEV Özel Lisesi from other schools to 9th, 10th and 11th grades should;

  • have had a score in LYS that was sufficient to be registered to a private high school,
  • study prep class in his/her previous high school,
  • pass the previous class in his/her previous high school,
  • have no punishment from the Discipline Committee,
  • get a minimum 50 points from the English and German Placement Exam prepared by İELEV Özel Lisesi.

Students who want to be transferred to İELEV Özel Lisesi from other schools to 12th grade should also fulfil the requirements above. In addition, they must have passed all his/her courses in the first year of IB-DP in another IB-DP school if İELEV offers the same courses that the student has taken in his/her previous school.