Physical Education

It is one of the goals of the physical education department to improve our student's physical development and movement capacity through sports, to ensure their adaptation to social life by protecting their mental and physical health, and to enable them to see and adopt the fact that sports is an unchangeable part of human life.

The aim of our curriculum is:

To educate our students as individuals who,

Assimilated Atatürk's thoughts on physical education and sports, comprehended the meaning and importance of national holidays, and therefore volunteered to participate in all activities in this sense;

Develop their movement knowledge and skills through participation in physical activities and make these skills a habit;

Can apply sports-specific rules, knowledge, and skills through sports activities and use these skills positively in their lives;

Can use health-enhancing knowledge and skills in their life, as well as in their personal development, with regular and effective participation;

Social individuals who have developed sports awareness through participation in sports organizations.