Final Thesis (EE):                      

The final thesis (EE) is an in-depth study of a topic selected from the offered Diploma Program courses, which IB Program students must obtain to qualify for a diploma. Usually, this is one of the 6 courses chosen by the IB student, or a course that the student has prior knowledge of. EE aims to support the student's academic research and writing skills and to carry out individual research on the subject of his/her choice under the supervision of a qualified advisor from the school. The study appears as a well-structured and formalized paper in which ideas and findings are conveyed in a reasoned and coherent manner.

IB Program students are required to have 3 self-assessment interviews with their EE advisors. The last of these (Viva Voce) is the session in which the EE study is completed after the submission of the final thesis. Assessment of the specified self-assessment process is made under the E criterion, one of the EE assessment criteria. EE is evaluated according to common criteria and interpreted specifically for each course.

Main features of the final thesis (EE):

  • Required for all students taking the EE Diploma Program
  • EE is externally assessed and contributes up to three points to the overall score for the IB Diploma, depending on the combination with the TOK grade.
  • The EE process helps students succeed in their studies at university and beyond the Diploma Programme.
  • EE is a student's research study on a topic of his/her choice under the supervision of an advisor.
  • EE is presented as a formal academic paper of no more than 4,000 words.
  • The total number of words used in self-assessment forms should not exceed 500.
  • EE is the result of approximately 40 hours of study spent by the student.
  • Students are supported by their advisors through a recommended period of supervision for a total of 3 to 5 hours, including 3 self-assessment sessions.
  • Viva Voce is the final and mandatory session of the mentor teacher with the student.
  • Complying with the principles of academic honesty is an indisputable obligation for the EE process and in case of violation, the student cannot pass the EE and loses his/her right to receive a diploma.
  • EE is evaluated on a total of 34 points under 5 criteria.
  • To be eligible for a diploma, a student must obtain a grade of D or higher in the final thesis.