Our aim in the music lesson is to develop sound, rhythm, and ear memory, and to raise conscious, cultured listeners with national and international music culture. Each student is encouraged to play a musical instrument and be interested in art.

With the music activities we do, we aim to:

  • Make each student gain the ability to play an instrument suitable to their ability,
  • Creating the desire to play an instrument in each student,
  • Ensuring that the student is directed towards the good and beautiful and acquires good habits through music,
  • Raising a conscious listener who can distinguish the qualified from the unqualified,
  • Developing the creative power in music through creative music studies,
  • Following contemporary and technological developments and enabling them to use them in music.

In our school music lessons, we provide training to reach individuals who produce new works, are creative and can express themselves freely, and have the ability to evaluate the understanding of art with all its objective and subjective dimensions in subjects such as music theory, music history and periods, music creation processes and recording technologies, individual instrument workshops, listening – rhythm creation and improvisation techniques, stage and performance skills,