Documents Required for Final Enrollment

Documents Required for Final Enrollment

1. E-school page showing LGS exam score (School approval is not mandatory.)

2. Student's identity card or notarized copy and a copy of one of these documents,

3. Parents' identity cards and copies (required by the Ministry of National Education to be uploaded to the e-school system)

4. 3 passport-size photos of the student taken within the last 6 months,

5. If the parents are divorced, the custody certificate and its copy,

6. If the person who applies for enrolment does not have the right of custody, notarized power of attorney and its copy.

To be able to enroll in line with the MEB guidelines, the Student Registration Agreement must be signed by the student's parent. Otherwise, the registration cannot be completed. If the parents are divorced, the registration must be done by the custodial parent or the custodial parent must have given power of attorney to the other parent for the transaction. If the procedures are to be carried out by persons other than the mother or father, a power of attorney given by the parents is needed. In both cases, custody or power of attorney must be submitted at the time of registration.