Social Studies

Social Studies, Social Sciences, T.C. History of Revolution and Kemalism, Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge courses are carried out.

Our aim in social studies courses;

  • Be aware of the rights of others, assimilating the principles and values of democratic life, respecting the rights of others,
  • Adopting universal values, acting with a sense of social peace, respecting differences,
  • To analyze the current developments and to predict the future based on the information they learned about past events,
  • Interpret the society and environment from an analytical point of view, internalize the requirements of social life,
  • Access to information, use and production of information based on scientific ethics,
  • Creative and questioning thinking skills developed,
  • To internalize the Kemalist thought system and to understand the cultural and historical processes objectively,
  • Our aim is to prepare our students as world citizens who are sensitive about their country and the world.

For these purposes;

In our school, Every student is a separate world. In The student-centered Social Studies education is taken into account based on the individual differences of the students. The program is designed to improve the academic, intellectual, and critical thinking skills of our students.

At the same time, our students are encouraged to follow the national and universal agenda through written and visual media. It is aimed to develop and internalize the history-nature and culture awareness in our students by means of provincial and provincial trips organized in accordance with the unit and achievements.

Social Studies courses are designed to go beyond the use of technological tools in the classroom environment, with the awareness that education technology is different from the use of technology in education. In this direction, courses are carried out with an understanding that actively engages learning-teaching activities and enables students to participate in the course interactively by measuring learning products throughout the process.