The aim of the course is to improve the skills of students in understanding science, science, engineering, technology, society and environment interactions, using analytical thinking in problem solving, scientific and cognitive process skills.

In line with this goal, different learning environments are provided with differentiated teaching techniques by considering the individual differences of the students. In addition, regular laboratory studies, research presentation studies, Fengineer (STEM) activities, as well as various projects carried out, are making a significant contribution to our students' 21st century skills development. In this process, students are encouraged to approach a problem with a philosophy of science, to be involved in academic research, to be involved in teamwork, to design, to produce problem-solving products and to promote the product.

These works will allow people to be more productive, creative, researching and questioning, respectful to human and society, productive, creative, researching and questioning, who will shape the future with scientific and analytical thinking.