English club activities are carried out in our school in order to consolidate the language learned, to spend a pleasant time, to make creative works and to develop personal skills. We offer English Fun Club, English Games, Drama, JMUN, DI and TEDxYouth Clubs.

JMUN (Junior Model United Nations)

A simulation of the United Nations (JMUN), held in prestigious schools in many countries in the world, the language used in English, which lasts 2-3 days. Our students successfully represent our school in this international debate platform to improve themselves on issues such as speaking, discussion and problem solving. Finally, our 5th and 7th grade students attended the JMUN event on March 2017 with the theme of Bar Unifying the World - Advocating and Promoting Peace Son.


Our students are given the opportunity of using the English language during “The English Language” week with various competitions and activities such as word search puzzles, picture description and tongtwisters.

In this week that is full of joyful activities, our students show how creative and successful they are in using the English language.


Our Halloween event, which we held every year in October; students participate in interesting costumes and make different activities to improve their reading, writing and listening skills such as bat and pumpkin making. They go down to the origin of the Halloween celebration and blend their history with language and improve their cultural knowledge.


At the end of September, on the European Languages Day, our students participate in entertaining activities where they learn the structures of English language that originate in English.


Our students use their language skills in international projects such as JMUN Junior Model United Nations and WSC The World Scholar Juniors Cup. In these activities, our students represent remarkable achievements and represent our school as a model.