What is Maker?

Maker technology is a rapidly spreading stream of the do-it-yourself culture. According to the definition of maker movement leader Dale Dougherty; Instead of competing on the basis of the spirit of the maker spirit, instead of sharing the skill, the intense memorization knowledge has experience rather than experience. The Maker movement settles into school culture, creating creativity, innovation, curiosity, motivation, technical knowledge-hardware and a fun environment. The ideal environments for re-energizing the training are the makerzone. From cooking to model, to model aircraft, from a model vehicle made with electronic circuits and motors, every product, ornament, jewelry, toy that is printed and produced with 3D printers can be considered made with maker spirit within the scope of maker movement.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in preparing projects at national and international level,
To enable students to develop patented products,
To make the maker movement widespread in our school,
Support the integrity of learning with STEM applications.
IELEV Makers's Purposes

Our main objective is to support students to achieve 21st century skills and competencies such as critical thinking and problem solving, imagination, lifelong learning, creativity and innovation, collaborative work and leadership, communication, which are necessary for students to be successful in their lives and careers. At IELEV, we believe that the basis of academic achievement is the ability of students to have these skills. For this purpose, we aim to let students free their minds in an environment where they feel more free, and to prove their expertise without going to university by developing patented products.

In this respect, in IELEV Maker Workshops:
Having critical thinking and problem solving skills,
Use the materials in his / her own hands instead of buying,
Algorithmic thinking skills developed,
In the process of innovation,
Eager to produce?
Considering mistakes as part of the learning process,
Self esteem advanced,
Team work,
Advanced skills in scanning and searching for available resources,
We aim to raise a generation with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Works within the scope of the maker include works that enable children to learn and experience experiences instead of memorization. All technical teaching curriculum is modeled on projects. Students are expected to develop their projects by combining them with their imagination and creativity, and to produce different projects using the same materials. Students are encouraged to prepare projects to solve real-world problems.

Student clubs

1st and 2nd grades STEM & Maker Club (IELEV Special 125th Year Primary School),
3rd and 3rd grades Maker Club (IELEV Private Primary School and IELEV Special 125th Year Primary School),
5th & 6th Class Maker & Art Club (IELEV Private Primary School and Private 125th Year Primary School),
7th Class Robotic App Club (IELEV Private 125th Year Middle School),
High School Maker Club (Foundation, 9th and 10th graders)
Curriculum programs for Maker clubs are structured according to age groups and structured in a common curriculum in all IELEV schools. The curriculum is kept up-to-date according to emerging technologies and is updated every year.

With the students at elementary school level, they started to develop more hand skills and mobilize their creativity. It is felt that they are not only consumers but also producers. Secondary and high school maker club students receive electronic programming, coding, 3D modeling and wearable technology trainings according to their age levels. They are motivated to develop products that they dream about, especially to develop products that will meet a need.

Competitions and Events

IELEV Maker Fair

Our students will have the chance to share their work throughout the year at IELEV Maker Faire, which is organized with the participation of all our maker club students and the organization of our high school maker club students. Nationally we organized and held the first in May 2018, Turkey's Faire IELEV maker was attended by about 600 people from schools from different provinces.

National IELEV Maker Faire will be held on May 4, 2019. This year, the makers from many schools will share their work throughout the year. They will be able to teach what they have learned and will conduct workshops to inspire their peers.

Domestic and International Robotics Competitions

At the same time, IELEV Maker Club students have the opportunity to present their projects in domestic and international competitions.