Visual Arts in IELEV

The aim of Visual Arts course is to enable students to express their cognitive accumulation and imagination, to enable them to express their mental accumulations through visual forms, to make them feel the effects of the results obtained by different techniques, to gain the sensitivity of observing nature by experiencing the color and texture properties of objects, and the creative behaviors that the student will use in every field.

In IELEV Schools Visual Arts course, a basic education model that enables visual thinking and contributes to the development of creative power is applied. Students learn to see through the activities of art education, to see in the act of looking, touch and form materials, have the chance to reveal all kinds of talents and needs and realize their own abilities, the nature and the environment of the changing and changing events to look at the behavior of looking at the opportunity to develop personality it finds the abstract concepts easier to detect, achieves a connection between the work of art and itself, develops a sense of self-confidence.

A good art education program gains value by diversifying the fields of study. In this context, the age group characteristics and our cultural policy and studies that we have determined in accordance with our predetermined objectives are;

Students at IELEV Schools,

  • They love art and can describe it.
  • They know art terms.
  • They have general knowledge about Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Art movements.
  • Beginning from the first grade to the end of the eighth grade, he recognized some of the most important painters.
  • They are researchers and follow art activities and contemporary art news.
  • They can make two and three dimensional designs and apply them.
  • They visited some of the museums, exhibitions and biennials in Istanbul.
  • They have the ability to raise awareness of the society through artistic activities.
  • In this context, IELEV aims to educate individuals around the schools who are sensitive, have basic knowledge and life skills needed in daily life, can use what they have learned in different areas of life and respects art and artist.