DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) I-II

IELEV Schools are authorized to grant DSD I and DSD II diplomas by ZfA.

German Foreign Language Diploma - Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) is Zentralstelle für Auslandschulwesen (ZfA), the German government's coordinating school for German-language schools in foreign countries. There are three main programs that ZfA supports and implements abroad:

Abitur, German IB and DSD. Instead of the Abitur, the German IB program was chosen in IELEV Private High School and the accreditation process was initiated. As of September 2015, we are continuing with the status of 'candidate school' as long as we start with the status of 'related school' last year.

In addition, the DSD exam application right was applied. This application was approved at the last meeting of the Ministers of Culture of Germany. According to the website of the German Ministry of Culture, the DSD is the only school examination where German is tested as a foreign language.

IELEV students will now be able to obtain German language approved diplomas in our school. This is a very important development as the DSD program is considered the previous step from German IB.