Educational Technology

The Department of Education Technologies aims to enrich learning-teaching environments by conducting studies on e-learning applications for mobile and interactive technology-supported education and conducts R & D studies for continuous improvement. The education technologies department deals with the teaching processes and digital learning objects, which are one of the basic structures of education by taking teachers and students to the center within the academic systems integrity.

Educational Technologies Research Areas:

In order to integrate technology into the pedagogical environment in schools, education carries out the following studies for the selection, design, production and implementation of solutions.

  • Coordinate educational technology projects.
  • Plan, coordinate and conduct the use of educational technologies for school, staff and students.
  • To support schools in the creation of specific disciplines.
  • To use teaching management systems to make them useful.
  • Developing teaching models for multimedia usage and one to one tablet teaching processes.
  • Developing instructional materials.
  • To manage teaching management systems, content management systems and mobile device management systems.
  • To make studies on the needs of teachers and students' educational technologies.
  • Establishing corporate relations with academic organizations, institutions and individuals for the development of educational technologies in education.
  • To develop technical knowledge of managers, staff and students.
  • To give trainings to teachers about educational technologies in the integrity of academic systems and to support their personal development.
  • To become a link between school and information technologies and to coordinate the development of future educational technologies.
  • To create and support electronic resources.

IELEV Schools, national and international conferences, symposiums, congresses, etc activities are regularly monitored. One of the most important applications of tableted education which we use as an institution within the scope of the project, Explain is the world's most respected and most-watched organization in the world's educational technologies. BETT (British Educational) Training and Technology.


The main and subordinate goals are to:

A. Using educational technology within the integrity of an academic system
    a1. To use digital learning objects that will enable educational technologies to be active and efficient in classroom and extracurricular lesson processes.
    a2. To provide students with the opportunity to select the most appropriate educational technology materials and to reveal their own e-learning products.
    a3. Create rich corporate course contents.
    a4. To bring the size of the interaction to the interaction dimension by including the interactivity in the courses.

B. To ensure that students become social citizens.
    b1. To enable students to create and share their own learning experiences.
    b2. To ensure the sustainability of the studies to be held jointly with teacher-student and student-student communication.

C. To provide students with 21st century skills and to make them ready for future living environments.
    c1. To ensure that students can access information continuously and quickly.
    c2. Encourage students to research and ensure that they have access to accurate information from the first source when conducting scientific research.
    c3. To increase the level of internet and information literacy in students.

D. To ensure the permanence of learning and to enrich learning-teaching environments.
    d1. To carry out the assessment process online and quickly.
    d2. Creating large-capacity environments for students to store and share data.
    d3. To carry out learning and teaching activities independently of time and space.
    d4. Maintaining project-supported learning activities.
    d5. To involve students in the learning process by taking an active role in the course.

As İELEV Schools Educational Technologies Department, we adopt ISTE Standards to create innovative learning environments with our students and teachers and we carry on our developmental efforts in this process.

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