Educational Technology

Education IT departments, mobile, and interactive e-learning applications for technology-assisted education aim to enrich the teaching-learning environment by making efforts on behalf of continuous improvement and carries out R & D work  Educational technology department is concerned with the integrity of the academic system in which teachers and students are taking one of the basic structure of the training center with educational process digital learning objects.

Educational Technology Research Interests:

The choice of technology, which  is integrated with pedagogical medium design and production, is carried out in the scope mentioned below:

  • Coordinating educational technology projects.
  • Coordinating, planning  and executing the use of educational technology for students ,school and stuff.
  • Supporting the creation of specific technology disciplines to schools.
  • Using it to provide better teaching management systems.
  • Developing teaching models for multimedia use in the teaching process and one-to-one tablet use.
  • Developing teaching materials.
  • Conducting education management systems, content management systems and management systems to manage mobile devices.
  • Working on teacher and student needs for educational technology.
  • Making academic organizations for the development of educational technology in education  institutions, and establishing institutional relationships with people.
  • Developing the  technical information of managers, staff and students.
  • Providing teacher training studies for teachers in an academic system and  supporting  their personal development in this area.
  • Becoming a link between information technologies and schools and coordinating the development of the future of the education technology.
  • Creating electronic resources and support.

İELEV Educational Institutions keep the track of both national and international conferences, symposia, and so on regarding technological education. On January 21-24,2015,we were invited to BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) London, one of the most followed organizations, as a model school that uses Explain Everyting effectively by the creators of this application.

The main and subordinate goals are to:

A. Use educational technology in an academical system
    a1. Use digital devices in both in and out class activities to make students use of educational technologies effectively.
    a2. Give students the opportunity to choose the most appropriate educational technology materials to create their own e-learning products.
    a3. Create an  enriched institutional content
    a4. Provide an interactive classroom environment for a better communicative  classroom atmosphere. 

B. Help students become a sociable citizen.
    b1. Help students create their own learning experiences and sharings.
    b2. Provide maintainability of teacher-student and student-student communication via collaborative studies.

C. Help students ensure the future of their living environment by providing 21st century skills
    c1. Helpstudents gain access to information continuously and quickly.
    c2. encourage students to study and do scientific research  accessing to the right information from the first source.
    c3. Help students reach the upper levels of internet and information literacy.

D. ensure students’ retention and to enrich the learning and teaching environment.
    d1. perform the assessment and evaluation process quickly and on-line.
    d2. Help students keep and share data storage in a large-capacity environment.
    d3. Provide a learning and teaching environment regardless of time and space and  carrying out teaching activities.
    d4. maintain  project assisted learning activities. 
    d5. incorporate students into the learning process by taking an active role in the classroom.

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