Education Project with Apple and Tablet in Education

Apple Profile in Education IELEV Schools

As IELEV Schools, we plan to make learning more effective and to educate students with advanced 21st century skills by using educational technologies with an academic system integrity.

As of 2014-2015 academic year, as IELEV Schools, we started to use Apple technologies together with 5th and 6th grades, high school preparatory classes and all our K12 group teachers. In the 2015-2016 academic year, we developed our project with the participation of 7th graders and 9th grade students. Within the scope of one-to-one digital teaching, the iPad is actively involved in the process of earning the digital citizenship and information literacy qualities required by 21st century people at IELEV Schools at an early age. In this process, Apple TVs in all our classes, the powerful Apple applications we use, our iMac labs, iPads, our interactive classrooms and our technology classes equipped with 3D course content, Mac mini computers positioned in the chamber rooms, together with iTunes U teaching management system and mobile device management system we are driving with Apple technologies in education.

The information and achievements required to be gained by the students in teaching can take place when the students take an active role in the learning environment. Creating self-learning experiences with Apple products enables students to focus. The iPad contributes to this experience, which includes a variety of training programs, and gives students the opportunity to choose the most appropriate technology tools for their projects.

The iPad includes many solutions for the individual and social lives of the young people who grow up in the digital world. It allows access to many different data, information and applications with personal organization and communication as well as internet usage and the applications it offers.

In IELEV Schools, one-to-one tablet teaching is carried out with the me Multifunctional Interactive Teaching Model in One-to-One Instruction in Education, which takes active part in learning-teaching activities and measures learning products throughout the process and enables them to interact interactively within the framework of constructivist approach. Our students and teachers interact with one another beyond communication. File and task sharing, lecture presentations, in-class and out-of-class online / off-line applications, measurement-evaluation applications, interactive enriched textbooks, individual / group project studies enable students and teachers to shape learning-teaching environments with educational technologies of the future.

You can access our IELEV Schools teaching model from the iTunes U page and subscribe to the open classes.