Information Technologies

Information Technologies Course at IELEV

Information Technology course at IELEV Schools starts from kindergarten to 6th grade.

In IELEV Private High School, it is a Computer Science course in preparatory classes. Our curriculum begins with the development of the students' basic use skills.

Besides being a digital citizen, basic computer usage, doing internet research, algorithmic thinking skills and coding courses designed according to age groups constitute the content of the course.

Our curriculum is updated in every academic year.

IELEV Cooperation in Information Technologies and Academic Courses

In IELEV, Information Technologies courses are integrated with academic courses (interdisciplinary).

For the skills that are taught in the Information Technology course, the subjects are selected from the subjects covered in the academic courses.

All IELEV teachers and IT departments work throughout the year. Thus, effective use of technology in education and use of technology are provided as tools in consolidating the subjects.