Project of Using Apple and Tablets in Education

As IELEV Education Institutes, we plan to activate learning and raise students who have improved 21st century skills by using education technologies.

As IELEV Education Institutes, we have been using Apple technologies with the 5th and 6th graders; high-school preparation schools and all of our K12 group teachers since the beginning of 2014-2015 academic year. In the 2015-2016 academic year, we developed our project with the participation of the 7th graders and high-school juniors. Within the scope of digital teaching, iPad use actively takes place in the progress of gaining the qualities of digital citizenship and information literacy required by the 21st century society. In this progress, we proceed with Apple technologies along with Apple TV’s in all of our classes, substantial Apple applications we use, iMac labs, iPads, interactive board and our technology classes equipped with 3D lesson contents, Mac mini laptops the department rooms, iTunes U education management system and mobile device management system.

The knowledge and gain we want to contribute to our students becomes real only when they take role actively in teaching-learning environment. Creating their own learning experiences with Apple products makes students focuson the lesson. iPad use contributes to this experience containing different education programs and gives students the opportunity to choose the sanest technology devices for their projects.

Besides education, iPad use also contains a lot of solutions for individual and social lives of teenagers who are growing in the digital world we are in. With the various applications it provides, iPad enables students to reach different kinds of data, informations and applications as well as personal organisation and communication.

At IELEV Education Institutes, tablet education is conducted with “Multifunctional Interactive Education Pattern in One to One Tablet Education” which actively supports learning-teaching activities and provides interactive participation to classes by measuring learning products during the process. Beyond communication, our students and teachers are in interaction with each other. File and assignment sharings, class presentations, in and out class online/offline activities, assessment and evaluation implementations, enriched interactive coursebooks, individual/group projects enable student and teachers’ to shape their learning-teaching environments with education technologies of future.

You can reach our education pattern in IELEV Education Institutes iTunes U page and subscribe to open lessons.