Foreign Language Education

Turkish and German courses are taught in coordinated plans. The course content is associated with life through interdisciplinary collaboration. Our program is composed of units planned according to the European common language criteria framework program. With organized events, the students are expected to improve their language skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. The students are required to graduate at the B1 level of European Common Language Criteria. Our students certify their language level with the exams of Fit 1, Fit 2 and ZDj, which are applied by the German Cultural Center. We offer a three-week German language course to our students enrolled in intermediate classes during August. In line with this need, we continue our trainings throughout the school year. Foreign language teaching is planned as a part of daily life in the kinder garden. In the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, 12 lessons are taught in German per week. In the 4th grade, 12 hours German lessons are taught per week. These courses are conducted separately by German and Turkish teachers. Teaching foreign language learning by living is our primary goal. The student exchange programs we have arranged for this, and in cooperation with the German summer school and the Goethe-Institution, activities such as fit exam, theater, creative writing-reading competition, rhyming competition are organized.
Second Foreign Language: English
Our aim in English classes starting in 1st grade in IELEV Schools is to teach by using holistic method and activities in a student-centered environment. In our schools, 2 hours in the first grade, 3 hours in the second grade, 3 hours in the 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 grades and 3 hours in the 4th and 8th grades are taught in English.
Our main aim while learning a foreign language is to improve the mental activities of our students with their reading, writing, listening, speaking and reading comprehension skills. Students start with A1 level and graduate at A2-B1 level. These works are carried out with the aim of developing the language they have learned with the studies that place positive thinking and understanding about the cultures by considering the cultural structure of the language. To consolidate the foreign language, culture, important days and weeks are discussed.

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