Language Acquisition

At IELEV, the first foreign language that is taught is German. Our students learn German language and culture with games and implementation oriented methods. Our foreign language schedule is prepared by educators who are specialists in their fields in German, Turkish and English.

Children learn a foreign language better and easier in environments in which it is used as daily language. Having met their daily needs by using a foreign language accelerates the language acquisition process. Starting language acquisition in early ages is also important to gain pronunciation skills in one’s native language. The students start learning German at the age of three at IELEV. The program is conducted by the teachers whose native language is German in accordance with the Turkish educational program. Our students get to use German in every second of their daily lives in school. Besides, they participate in different activities in which they can use the foreign languages.

Along with our multi-cultural studies, activities that familiarize our students with the German culture are also other essential parts of the learning process at IELEV.