At IELEV Education Institutes, English is the second foreign language. The goal in English classes is to improve our students’ writing, speaking, reading and listening skills, plant global point of view and familiarize them with different cultures.

The English lessons start in the 2nd grade and our aim is to make them participate in a student centered environment and learn with communicative activities. The students take 3 hours of English lesson in the 2nd grade and 4 hours of English lessos in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8th grades a week. Improving our students’ critical thinking skills in English is one of our major goals. Thus, activities regarding speaking, writing, listening and reading skills are extensively involved in the curriculum. Our students are exposed to the English language the from beginner to the intermediate level and graduate at 8th grade as an intermediate learner.  We organise activities for important days and weeks in order to improve their language along with the English culture.


Our students are given the opportunity of using the English language during “The English Language” week with various competitions and activities such as word search puzzles, picture description and tongtwisters.

In this week that is full of joyful activities, our students show how creative and successful they are in using the English language.


Each December, we celebrate this day on which our students show up in very interesting Halloween costumes Our students make pumpkins and bats out of paper and perform in several activities which enhance reading, writing and listening skills. Students also participate in  'Trick or Treat' game and have lots of fun with their teachers.

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Cambridge ESOL Exams
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WSC (World Scholar's Cup)
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