Academic Departments-Practices

In accordance with its 12 years of continuous education principle, IELEV Educational Institutions intend to provide education since kindergarden and make students comprehend what they have already learned by consolidating.

Starting from the 5th grade, the beginning of middle school, new classes are created in order to reorganize their learning environment. While they are being created, classes get combined with an arrangement that supports our students’ social and emotional development. Students are educated by instructors that are experts in their profession and get a base qualified enough to succeed in national exams.

In our schools, the content of the national program which is used in all middle-schools in our country is taken as a basis and in order to raise students who are “Learning to learn”, the best examples in international education patterns that observes our institutional principles are incorporated into our original program. Our education program aims to improve each and every student’s potential by taking individual differences into consideration.

To make sure that our students take equally and effectively advantage of learning environments in trust of our teachers is one of our main goals. Our students’ progress is watched with teamwork and their work is fulfilled with the support and information of the relevant department.

In all of our lessons, we use education techniques that regards to individual differences of our students and activates their different intelligence areas. In our in-class practices, methods such as reasoning, deduction, narration, cooperative learning, little group activities and individual presentations, group debate and brain storm, drama, project development are used.

For each lesson; coursebooks recommended by MEB, workbooks prepared by our departments and worksheets are used. If necessary, activities such as watching movies, using presentations, visual interpretation, book reading, debating on paper or magazine articles are applied. Smart boards and technological structure in every class takes place in enriching the learning environment actively.

As a part of our education implementations; experimental studies, exhibit and museum tours, inner and outer city tours, life skill camps, author appearances, debates, panel discussions and competitions, concert and theater activities supports our students to learn by experience. Club works, social services and social responsibility projects, campaigns and projects make contribution to our students’ development socially and culturally.

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