Academic Units and Practices

IELEV Education Institution aims a 12-year uninterrupted education without memorization. Our education is based on the principle of learning by doing, experiencing and establishing the skills of intensifying what has been learnt.

In the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, class teachers dominate the learning process while foreign languages and applied subjects are taught by subject teachers.

Besides the national educational practices, international educational practices are chosen and implemented according to our institutional principles. Our teaching programme aims to support our students to become autonomous learners who bring out their full potentials. Our students' aptitude, individual differences and learning styles are considered in all stages of our teaching process.

In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, the following elective subjects based on the program of the Ministry of Education are taught in addition to our main courses;

  • Chess (for 1st and 2nd grades), creative drama, reading, German leisure activities, IT (related to the main courses)
  • German reading leisure activities, IT and creative drama for 3rd graders
  • From the beginning of the 4th grade, ‘thinking about our values’ is taught as an elective subject as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

One of our main aims is to allow our students, under the guidance of teachers, to profit from the teaching/learning environment both effectively and equally. Our students’ development is traced with the support of our academic units cooperatively.

Techniques considering individual differences and fostering multiple intelligences are used in all our lessons. Deduction, induction, story-telling, cooperative learning, group works and individual presentations, group discussions, brainstorming, drama, projects, discussions through the association of ideas are some of our techniques.

We use materials recommended by the Ministry of Education for all our subjects. If necessary, activities such as watching films, using presentations, interpreting cartoons or pictures, reading books and discussing about news and articles are implemented in order to enrich the learning content. Smart boards and technologic devices are available in each classroom and help to create a more diversified environment.

Experiments, visiting exhibitions and museums, traveling in the town and out-of-town, survival camps, conversations with authors, panels and competitions, concerts and theatre plays are a part of our teaching practice which make our students learn by experience.

Clubs, community services and social responsibilities, campaigns and projects foster our students’ social and cultural development.

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