IELEV High School German Department aims for students to underatand the importance of acquiring a foreign language and integrate it with his/her life philosophy. In this context, learning German should not be our students only  “aim”. We try to contribute in bringing up children who can achieve their dreams, and take active roles in economic and social life. We have a demanding program to enable our students to be able to cope with the challanges of the century.

Our Expectations:

  • using German effectively
  • being successful in DSD exams
  • benefitting from the foreign language
  • being able to use German for academic and daily needs.
  • being able express themselves confidently, not hesitatant of making mistakes
  • being inquisitive students
  • reading and researching in German
  • showing pride at being member of the IELEV High School family through their attitude

Use of Technology

A unique program with various dynamics is used to encourage students’ enthusiasm for learning a new language. Some homework and projects are displayed in students’ blogs. Technology is used while doing projects and homework. We aim also to improve their handwriting skills. That is why students can only use fountain pens for handwritten assignments. To enable students to notice their own mistakes, projects and homework are not fully checked or corrected. This approach enables the students to be inquisitive researchers.
“Academic” awareness is an important issue. We believe IELEV High School Standard or academic format will be useful in students’ GIB and university education.


  • using videos to reinforce content
  • sharing the vidoes students prepare with their co-learners through the use of i-pads
  • writing and/or giving oral feedback after school trips
  • writing German lyrics to use German in daily life
  • being in contact through discussions regarding homework, daily issues and videos
  • doing presentations and improving presentation skills
  • doing homework in the required format
  • doing group work and sharing the outcomes through summaries or in other visual, auditory and written forms.
  • doing projects about important days and raising awareness
  • using “complete the story”  techniques to improve writing skills
  • evaluating the assigned homework by reflecting it on the board to improve students’ skills for writing and criticism
  • learning more about well-known figures of German Literature

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