Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Department works on mobile and interactive applications for e-learning, and aims to enrich the learning environment through r&d activities.

Field of activity

Does the following to integrate technology and pedagogy:

  • coordinates educational technology projects
  • plans and coordinates the use of educational technology among students and staff.
  • supports schools in their implementation of the use of basic technology
  • works to improve educational and administrative systems
  • improves teaching models for using multimedia and i-pad
  • improves the materials for teaching
  • helps students and teachers when needed
  • works to enhance the technological knowledge of students and teachers
  • works to promote relations with people and institutions to improve educational technology
  • integrates the school environment with IT.
  • produces electronic resources 

IELEV High School follows national and international conferences and symposiums concerning educational technology. Our school has been invited to the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) show, one of the prestigious organisations in the field of educational technology by the creators of the application Explain Everything.


A. To use educational technology in academics
    a1. To use digital devices to mantain active and effective lessons
    a2. To help students choose the appropriate educational technology for themselves and to help them express themselves through their own e-learning productions
    a3. to enrich the content of lessons
    a4. to foster interactivity in lessons

B. To help students be sociable citizens
    b1.  to encourage students to share their learning experiences
    b2.  to mantain the continuity of their projects through student-student and teacher-student communication

C. To help students learn 21st Century skills
    c1. to help student attain the required information quickly
    c2. to encourage students to research and to attain the correct and primary resource
    c3. to improve the digital literacy of students

D. To enrich the teaching-learning environment
    d1. to implement the assessment and evaluation  process quickly
    d2. to save and share data
    d3. to carry out teaching activities without time limit
    d4. to carry out project-based activities
    d5. to enable students to be active in the learning process

As İELEV Schools Educational Technologies Department, we adopt ISTE Standards to create innovative learning environments with our students and teachers and we carry on our developmental efforts in this process.