Apple Profile at IELEV High School

IELEV High School aims to attract students who learn effectively and who can use 21st century skills efficiently. We started using Apple Technology with our prep. class students at high school in the academic year 2014-15. I-pads are actively used since digital literacy and digital citizenship are requiremensts of the 21st century. Using Apple TV, i-pads and smartboards in all classes, having iMac labratories, Mac mini computers in all departments and using iTunes U system are just a few examples of Apple technology at IELEV High School. The “Multifunctional Interactive Teaching Model” which keeps students and teachers connected all the time is enabled through the use of i-pads. Sharing homework and files, doing presentations, apps for assessment, interactive coursebooks, and individual/group projects enrich the learning process. More information about our education model can be found on IELEV Educational Institutions iTunes U page.